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Addiction Treatment Consulting

Alignright Size Medium Wp Image 272The addiction treatment consulting specialists at Arrow Consulting provide individuals, organizations, and existing addiction treatment facilities with guidance and strategies for entering or expanding within the addiction treatment space of the behavioral health industry.

No matter what phase you’re in – from initial concept to facility expansion – we will help ensure efficiency, compliance, and excellence.

At Arrow Consulting, we’re accustomed to navigating the challenges of establishing thriving treatment centers. Wherever you are in your journey, our team of addiction recovery consultants can guide you through the process and build a strong foundation for your facility. Call 732.607.4001 to learn how we can help you grow and thrive.

Who Would Benefit from Our Addiction Treatment Consulting?


Perhaps you are in the initial stages of business planning for your own facility, or you are interested in investing in an existing addiction treatment facility—whatever your business approach or economic concern, Arrow Consulting can provide insight, clarity, and guidance.

The behavioral health industry is rife with complex compliance regulations, insurance regulations, and state and federal laws that govern operations. We’ll help you get the most out of your business with our proven approach and experience in handling all aspects of the addiction treatment industry.


Our knowledge and experience can address a range of organizational issues endemic to the behavioral health industry. Our addiction treatment consulting specialists will work directly with your trusted team to adapt and refine your business practices to the unique challenges and complexities of the behavioral health industry. Arrow Consulting simplifies the process and helps you get the most out of your business.

Existing Facilities

Do you have an existing addiction treatment facility and are looking to expand or redirect your services? Arrow Consulting can help you identify opportunities for strategic growth and expansion.

With our support, you can rest assured that all operational aspects of your addiction treatment facility are compliant and in line with industry standards. Whether you want to change or refine existing processes, expand your services, or develop a marketing strategy, our addiction treatment consultants will provide the guidance and support you need.

What Addiction Treatment Industry Aspects Do We Address?

Our addiction treatment consulting services are comprehensive, and our strategists and business professionals are comfortable providing guidance and insight into almost any aspect of the addiction treatment industry. Some areas covered by our experienced team include the following:

  • Corporate Compliance and Quality Assurance
  • Operational Planning and Management
  • Business Plan Development
  • New Facility Startup
  • Fiscal Management
  • Development
  • Clinical Program
  • Licensing and Accreditation
  • Contract and Lease Negotiations
  • Healthcare Reform and Legislation
  • Public Relations and Community Development
  • Alumni Programming

Contact Arrow Consulting Today

Call 732.607.4001 to learn how our team of addiction treatment consulting professionals can help you seize new opportunities, maximize efficiencies, or expand into new areas with your existing facilities.